Consultation with Mr Tetsuro TAJIMA, President & CEO of Ki Fresh Access Inc, Japan (KIFA) – (28 November, 2011)

The consultation with Mr Tetsuro TAJIMA, President and CEO of the Ki Fresh Access, Inc. at the KIFA Inc., Office in Koto-ward, Tokyo was convened at the request of the Embassy to discuss with Mr Tajima the investment opportunities in Fiji’s Agricultural Sector, in particular for KIFA, to consider Fiji as a source of fresh fruits and vegetables for the Japanese market. KIFA is one of the major distributors of fresh farm produce and also processed farm products in Japan. During the winter months, almost all its fruits and vegetables are sourced from abroad. A brief on the  components of assistance that are available in Fiji for foreign investors in the agriculture sector was provided for KIFA to consider setting up its own farms to supply their Japanese markets and also contract independent farmers in Fiji to supplement what they may need using the special agricultural technology used in Japan.

Mr Tajima agreed that there are possibilities that KIFA Inc., could explore and develop into practical opportunities for trade and investment between Fiji farmers and KIFA Inc. He noted the prospects of having from Fiji additional supplies of fruits and vegetables to Japan during  the winter months and the added advantage of  Fiji’s quarantine requirements in preserving the superior flavour and taste for exported agriculture products. KIFA Inc. currently distributes fresh and processed fruits and vegetables to several chains of supermarkets in Japan.

KIFA will consider undertaking a feasibility study visit to Fiji.

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