Consultation with Solution Marketing Inc (Japan) CEO: Potentials for Expansion of ‘Marketing Fiji as a Destination’ for Japanese Visitors – 4 November, 2011

The consultation with Solution Marketing Inc CEO, Mr Yoshiyuki Takei held at the Embassy this morning discussed meaningful opportunities and potentials within Japan that the Embassy can consider in its tourism marketing strategies in Japan. Mr Takei who has extensive experience in the hotel and airline industries in Japan was instrumental in securing the extra direct flight route between Japan and Fiji whilst being the Regional Manager for Air Pacific in Japan (1998 – 2005). Mr Takei in exchanges with the Ambassador advised on the potential to further market Fiji in Japan targeting sectoral communities given Fiji’s tourism infrastructures and the associated friendly personalities of our people deemed to be of high standards. One such sector is the Long Stay Foundation comprising of senior Japanese citizens intending to go for a period of 2 -3 weeks in selected destinations abroad for relaxation and cultural exchanges. The Embassy will further explore this opportunity which connects well with potential Japanese companies now considering setting up infrastructures in Fiji to cater for this sector of visitors from Japan and the region.

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