23rd Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention (APCC), Fukuoka, Japan (15 – 27 July, 2011)

APCC, a Fukuoka based non-profit organisation, this year again successfully organised the Summer 2011 Invitation and Exchange Program inviting 222 Junior Ambassadors from the Asian-Pacific region to visit Fukuoka providing an opportunity for these eleven (11) year old Junior Ambassadors for cultural exchange programmes including Homestay, School Visits and Exchange Camps in Fukuoka, Japan. APCC has been organising this program for the last 22 years since 1989 promoting mutual understanding among children and building long-lasting friendship beyond cultural borders. Fiji was well represented by the four Junior Ambassadors Jone Ravunikana, Lawrence Biuwale, Barbara Guivalu and Agnes Matauea. This year’s program also included invitations to Peace Ambassadors comprising of past participants. Ms Loreen Raju who last participated in the 1989 program represented Fiji as a Peace Ambassador.

On Saturday 23rd July, 2011 participants gathered at the Global Arena Gymnasium, Fukuoka for the APCC Exchange Camp. Diplomats from countries represented at the Exchange Program were invited to attend the exchange program held in Fukuoka on Saturday 23 July. The Fiji booth was well managed by the Junior Ambassadors under the supervision of Master Paulo Lala and Peace Ambassador Ms Loreen Raju and Ministry of Education Senior official Mr Josateki Naisoro.

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