Announcement of Friendship Ambassador for Fiji in Japan 2007

The formal announcement of the appointment of Mr Kensuke Sasaki as Friendship Ambassador for Fiji in Japan 2007 was made at a press conference organised by Fiji Visitors Bureau, Tokyo office on Wednesday 24th January at the Tokyo Dome Hotel. It was well attended by a number of media organisations including 4 TV channels. Mr Kensuke Sasaki and wife Akira Hokuto with their two beautiful sons Kennosuke and Shinnosuke visited Fiji in October last year with a TV program ' Worlds 100 Glorious Views'. During his term 1st February 2007 to 31st January 2008, Kensuke san and family will be vigorously promoting Fiji as a safe and enjoyable destination to Japanese travellers.
Mr Sasaki is a well known sports personality as a professional wrestler in Japan.

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